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Start, Stay, Finish Strong

We all start out strong. But somewhere along the road we come across challenges, decisions, roadblocks — various oppositions that makes life difficult. And then we feel incompetent and unsure of what we’re fighting for in the first place. We start to compare ourselves with others only to find out that we’re not as good as we thought we are. And then, very subtly, we shift from living to barely surviving. We leave our ground and let the world define us. We give up.

And yet, despite our failures and insufficiencies, God does not give up on us. He gives us the grace to rise up and the strength to move forward, not because we love Him but because He loves us. He is not intimidated by how far we’ve gone away from His direction. He can takes us from where we are to where we’re supposed to be, simply because He can. (He is the Lord of space and time, remember?). There’s really no point in staying in the past. We can’t change it no matter how hard we try. But there’s a great opportunity for us in the “now.” It’s an opportunity to grab hold of God’s hand, walk with Him, and allow Him to finish what He started in us. It’s an opportunity to have a changed perspective and make wiser decisions. It’s an opportunity to stop surviving and come back to life.

It’s easy to start out strong. But only in Christ can we stay strong and finish strong.

ZyrusStart, Stay, Finish Strong

On Nuts and Faithfulness

I’ve been through a series of major adjustments since we moved in to our new apartment — new housemates, new routines, and even new stuff. The other night, I was trying to assemble a stove we bought when I realized that I’m missing a small piece of metal that secures the bolt to one of the stands. This piece, called the nut,  is probably the smallest piece in the whole package and the truth is, it doesn’t appeal much. So I tried to finish the assembly with the missing nut only to find out that without it, the whole thing would be shaky.

I couldn’t deal with shaky. So I looked for a nut that matches its size. It wasn’t easy but when I finally found one, I was so relieved I wanted to throw a party. Ok, not really.

Just like any machine, all parts must work together to make it work efficiently. For all I know, our stove could have a defective igniter or a missing burner and I would have easily have it replaced. But who would have thought that a missing nut could cause as much trouble.

And then I was reminded of how God’s attributes function the same. God is like a well-oiled multi-faceted machine, only He never gets old nor broken. We know that God is love, all-knowing, ever-present, holy, righteous (among other things). But he is also jealous and just and loves to discipline His children. We just couldn’t consider Him for what we like about Him. If we trust God in His love and protection, then we must also put our faith in His wrath and discipline.

“God, who calls you, is faithful.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

God’s faithfulness means that each attribute in His character is working at full capacity at all times.  In fact, faithfulness is very central to His character. Because of His faithfulness, He does not change. He is not affected by moods or traffic or the weather. He is who He was and what He will be. His faithfulness covers us in every situation — in the dessert or the storm — regardless of the place or the season. Therefore, we can count on Him to keep the sun shining everyday or the wind to blow kisses to our face. Above all, we can count on Him on His promises because He who promised is faithful, and He will do it.

ZyrusOn Nuts and Faithfulness